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Summer Learning Activities for Young Kids at Home


For most kids, summer vacation in 2020 will be very different from other summers. Since many schools have either been closed or operating online since early spring, summer hasn’t really felt the same—especially since playdates are restricted and summer vacations might be canceled due to the pandemic.



Learning doesn’t have to be formal. In fact, some of the best learning opportunities are the simplest. There are thousands upon thousands of excellent books for young children that you can read together as a family.

Bedtime reading brings you closer together and gives you the opportunity to have positive discussions about difficult topics like racism, loss, self-esteem, and more. It’s never too early to start having these kinds of conversations, which will help your child become a more thoughtful, compassionate, and resilient person.

Reading at bedtime can also help encourage healthy habits.睡眠是宝宝非常重要和年幼的孩子。通过睡前一起读,你创建一个仪式,可以帮助孩子更快入睡,使他们能够成长和正常发育。此外,您kiddos将是一个更好的心情,如果他们得到足够的睡眠!

Movies Can Be a Great Way to Introduce New Concepts

如果你的直觉是在每一个机会,争取屏幕上的时间,那么你可能很难相信,看电影可以是一个很好的学习机会。Whether you watch movies together as a family or use them to give yourself a much-needed break during the day, selecting educational movies that introduce new concepts is a great way to engage kids in learning.




连接物理莫vement with tasks like memorization and spelling can be great practice and can help kids learn. Some children are kinetic learners, which means they learn best when performing some type of physical activity. Multisensory learning opportunities, like spelling while shooting hoops on the basketball court, can be a fun and innovative way to build knowledge and skills and are great for students with发展或学习障碍

Learn About Nutrition While You Cook!

如果有机会的大多数孩子会成天吃的蛋糕和糖果。不幸,儿童肥胖是一个现实问题in the United States, and many children grow up without much knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating. If taught from a young age, kids will be more likely to make good food choices as they grow into adulthood.



Kids are always more willing to learn when there’s some fun involved. Make learning rewarding by counting with objects like pennies, grapes, or even“冰淇淋勺”绒球做出来。盖了与冰淇淋或他们刚刚统计的水果碗的教训。让学习变得有趣而甜蜜的夏天!

Relax a Bit and Get Creative

You might feel some pressure to prepare your young children for school. But remember, summer is the time for fun. Your kids will learn more effectively if you relax a bit and look for learning opportunities in whatever you do. Get creative and just have some fun! Learning doesn’t have to be formal to set your kids up for a great school year.

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