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跳过的巧克力和直接表 this Valentine’s Day!❤

If you are looking to treat yourself or a loved one this Valentine’s Day, I am here to tell you that PeachSkinSheets are the perfect gift, even for those that are hard to buy for.They are also calorie free, last longer than flowers, and add an extra touch of romance on Valentine’s Day!


跳过的巧克力和直接表 this Valentine’s Day!

PeachSkinSheets also come out of the dryer in1五-20 minuteswrinkle free!Here is a link to the additional benefits of these amazing sheets 1500 Thread Count soft sheets:’ve also uncovered a few insider tips to make your decision that much easier!

Insider Tip #1:有一个“月的颜色”销售每个月,这里选择的颜色有售的只有55 $的任何常规尺寸集出现这种情况(甚至加州王!)。Here is the link to the current Colors of the Month:*Split King specialty sets are just $99.95 for the entire 5 piece set and duvets sets are just $79.95!

Insider Tip #2:PeachSkinSheets make a fabulous gift to ship directly since they come perfectly packaged in orange tissue paper, straight from the box!No need to wrap them yourself, and there is no extra “gift wrapping” charge!You can also have a special note written and placed in the box for your loved one to read.Again, absolutely free!Each set even comes with an adorable matching Peach Pull Keychain!To see an official “unboxing” by Angela Cruz, click这里.

Insider Tip #3:You can feel the fabric and test the colors against your décor before buying!PeachSkinSheets offers aFREEswatch program, and here is the direct link to order an entire set of fabulous swatches in any colors you desire:

跳过的巧克力和直接表 this Valentine’s Day!

If you’re anything like me, you may also want to see what others are saying about them: don’t forget to check PeachSkinSheets out on Facebook: Twitter:!

跳过的巧克力和直接表 this Valentine’s Day!

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有一个“月的颜色”销售每个月,这里选择的颜色有售的只有55 $的任何常规尺寸集出现这种情况(甚至加州王!)。