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If you are keen to use some of this coronavirus-induced lockdown to spend some quality time giving a facelift to your interiors, the chances are that you have some plans for your living room. This is the hub of your home; where you sit watching Netflix with your brood and where you play games, chat, have date nights, laugh and make memories with your spouse and little darlings. Now it’s time to consider how to bring your living room into the twenty first century.

当我们过着忙碌的生活,我们的家居装饰有时需要后座,因为我们可能会下雪下工作或有其他大件物品上花钱。Covid-19 has put a stop to this as people become more homebound and want to make their immediate environment more desirable to spend more time in. If your living room is in need of a facelift and you’re keen to add a little bit of luxury to your interior, take a look at these essentials for any renovation.

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一个最重要的方面客厅is the seating that you have. You need to consider how you lounge as a family. Are you into sitting altogether as you watch the TV or do you tend to enjoy your own space? Three piece suites used to be the no-nonsense way to go. There was very little choice other than having a matching set of a three seater sofa and a couple of chairs. Things have come a long way since the 1990s. You no longer have to make do with a hessian button backed floral design.

Rather than opting for a three piece matching suite, go more现代的。选择与深度,可以给你的空间有沙发躺下而不感到挤压。还有一点,一个脚凳,你有很多方法可以让自己舒服。丝绒,麂皮和皮革都是触觉纹理。想想你最喜欢的,选择一个适合你。

One sofa won’t suffice forseating, so consider other chairs, love seats and window seats to accommodate your family. A low back armchair can be great for reading. Rocking chairs are making a retro comeback. And single pieces of bold print add a touch of uniqueness and design to your room. Mix and match, and experiment with the sort of seating configuration that will suit your brood.

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The color of your living room is personal choice. However, there are a few things to consider if you want to maximize space. Go for lighter, more bland hues to create the illusion of space. White or cream walls will bounce natural light across the room making it feel bigger. This doesn’t mean that you have to succumb to the极简主义way of living. Feature walls are very on trend. Choose the fireplace wall where you can really get creative with bolder color, texture and pattern. Wallpaper is making a huge comeback with many interior designers choosing prints from the 1960s and 1970s to add a vintage vibe to their creations.

If you adore all things luxurious, add color in your furnishings. Throws, cushions and drapes can be bold, bright and elegant alongside the more neutral walls. Mix up your textures too by coupling chenille cushions alongside fleecy throws. This will give your room a touch of coziness rather than feeling like a showhome. If you crave that Danishhygge感觉,选择地毯上强化木地板,拥抱柔和的纹理,以及北欧风情图案的想法。你需要找到优秀的设计和真实生活之间的平衡。


Designing your living room should be fun and exciting. You don’t have to follow the trends and go with whatever is gracing the covers of interiors magazines. This is just faddy. Remember, you have to live in this room so be individual and creative. This is your space so put up your family photographs, enjoy whipping up the artwork you adore on your walls, and create an ambience that echoes your family dynamic. Follow this guide and your living room will be full of all the luxury essentials you could ever wish for.

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