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许多现代gadgeteers遭受了手机跌落,这经常导致在未来的脸对脸与屏幕出现裂痕的后果,scrambling for a bag of rice for drying maneuvers或者更糟。不会有太多的事情更令人抓狂的人谁刚刚投资了收益的东西,已经明显和功能受损。


If you have been repeatedly frustrated, disappointed or flat-out devastated by devices that aren’t the right fit for your overloaded hands, take a look at three extra-tough options that, even if they don’t fit your hands perfectly, can take an occasional drop, bump or dip.

1. Bring Your Best Flash Drive


拜见便利和手型Corsair Flash Survivor闪存驱动器,你需要在你的指尖它提供极为坚固的保护您的重要文件。在阳极氧化航空级铝合金外壳包裹,这个闪存盘还防水200米。


Today’s smartphones are often our lifeline to work, family, social functions and much more, so it is essential that we keep them up, running and fully functional. The trick is finding a brand, model and focus on the perfect combination of durability, function, and a fun, attractive and friendly design.

三星Galaxy S8可以勾选所有的箱子来填补你的锋利,耐用的智能手机的需求,开始凭借其美丽的建筑和灿烂的5.8“显示屏上的世界上第一个无限屏幕。享受面部识别的人身安全是锁定和解锁一个单一的样子。如果你经常发现自己摇摇欲坠接近水,从不畏惧,在三星Galaxy S8具有IP68防水性rating to keep your mobile safe from splashes, dunks, and dribbles.

3. Get a Solid Grip on a Rough and Tumble Phablet

您可能需要一些额外艰难的前往施工现场等景点,你可能需要获得多一点降浊。该Panasonic Toughpad FZ-X1is too small to be considered a tablet at 5″, but it is more than a smartphone. Either way, this hybrid piece that fits neatly into just about any size hands is true to its name, as it can easily survive a 10-foot fall onto concrete. The price tag on this device is just as steep, starting at $1,799, but if your work takes you to perilous places, it may be the right fit.

该se technology offerings and others can help keep your gear in perfect working order, long past the warranty expiration.



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