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7 Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Decor Look Expensive


Stop! Don’t let your new bathroom design clean out your bank account. You can update your bathroom on a budget!

A bathroom doesn’t have to empty your pockets to look luxurious. There are ways to make your bathroom decor feel and look expensive without having to buy the most expensive items on the market. There are even small bathroom decor ideas to make your small bathroom seem bigger than it is.

从你的浴室照明你的浴室地板上ing, this guide has everything you need to know about creating a stunning bathroom while on a budget. Are you ready to make your bathroom decor look expensive while maintaining your budget?

Continue reading below for 7 ways to do just that!

  1. Choosing an All-White Theme



This item will be the first thing you see when you walk into your new bathroom. It could be an art piece with one simple light blue flower or anything else that’s simple yet has a splash of color in it.

  1. Using Simple Touches of Grey

An all-grey bathroom would make your bathroom dark and feel smaller than it is. You won’t want to do that. What you can do, however, is use simple touches of grey throughout the bathroom.

This works well in an all-white bathroom, or in a bathroom with marble floors and countertops and gold cabinets even. Grey bathroom tiles can be used in the shower and reach their way up to the ceiling. They can also be used to cover one wall in the bathroom, creating an accent wall.

If using marble in your bathroom, try to find a grey tile that matches the greys in your marble.

  1. Lay Tile Diagonally


Making vertical or horizontal lines in your bathroom with square tiles will create an outdated feel. Take the square tiles and lay them in a diagonal position from the doorway. When you walk in, you want to see the diagonal lines, which will open up the room.

  1. Add a Few Green Plants

Adding a few green plants into your bright bathroom will create an airy and inviting space. There are many houseplants that’ll do well in your bathroom. Consider using aloe vera plants or ferns to start with.

Place them in a brightly-colored planter and hang them from the ceiling of your bathroom. The green plants add a splash of color to your bathroom and when you hang them up high, it’ll bring your eyes to the ceiling.

This will in return, make your bathroom feel larger.

  1. 使用奢侈的灯具


You don’t have to go all out either. Find an inexpensive chandelier and hang it up! It’ll look amazing in your bathroom.


Remove those boring cabinet knobs and replace them with jewel crystal knobs or something else that’s luxurious and shows off your sense of style.

  1. Display Luxurious Towels


You can even display luxurious towels with letter monograms for your name on them. Hang the larger towel first and then hang a small towel with your monogram on it over the larger towel.

How’s that for a royal bathroom?

  1. 开关从小事



Using high-quality bathroom items like these will increase your bathroom’s aesthetics immediately. Choose soft memory foam mats and rugs. Hang a luxurious shower curtain.


How Will You Spruce Up Your Bathroom Decor?

Which helpful ideas on this guide will you use to spruce up your own bathroom decor? Keep this guide handy to update your bathroom while sticking to your budget.

For other topics about the home, be sure to check back with us on a regular basis!

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