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2019 Summer Fun Guide

SprinJene Natural Toothpaste

Your children have to brush their teeth every day. They get ready for school, and before they head out the door, they will brush their teeth. We as parents want what is best for our children, and that includes the products we use. I know that natural options are always preferable, especially what is put in your child’s mouth. With SprinJene Natural Toothpaste, you can choose natural that is gluten-free and vegan! They have fluoride and non-fluoride options. What you prefer, there is an option! Keep those teeth clean with a natural toothpaste.

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我们中的许多人希望我们的孩子是最好的。Natural products and not so many additives and chemicals being introduced to them. There are so many products out there that help build our children’s health that is not included with a long list of ingredients we can not pronounce. with Bee & You there are so many products for sore throat and snacks that will completely change your children’s and your life for the better. Incorporate high-quality items to your list of needs that are natural and help our families.


Jambo Book Club

As parents, we encourage our children to read books. Their little minds grow as they learn more and more. It can be hard to find enough books for our children. The hardest part may be finding diversity in age-appropriate books. With Jambo Book Club you can receive a wide range of multicultural books that great for them to read at their level. They do all of the work for you to have a wide range of engaging books for your children. This means you can just sit down and read with your children and know that each book is a new surprise to enjoy together.


Electric Towel Warmer


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Bathtub Caddy & Laptop Bed Desk

This is a valuable tool our children can use. In my home, we do not have enough room for a desk in my daughter’s room. So instead she sits at the table, but that can become hectic with her older sister. When she needs quiet time, the best place for her to be is in the quiet of her room. With this Bed Desk, she can set up her laptop and sit down to do her work. It is perfect for her to use. Another great option is when she wants to watch one of her lectures while sitting in the tub, she can set up her tablet and sit in the tub while learning. So many great options! For us, mom needs a few minutes to ourselves, I recommend using it with your kindle and catching up on your favorite shows!

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Premium Cheese Board & Utensils Gift Set

With the demands of getting your kids to school, their extracurricular activities, and homework, it can be hard to fit in much downtime. On the weekends or in the evenings it is important to take time for ourselves and our family. Take this time to set up a game night and get out a Cheese Board with all the utensils easily located and make some fantastic snacks. Enjoy your time with your kids with some conveniences! It is versatile with different choices in snacks. Though my kids are huge cheese fans! Have some downtime and snacks with your family. Quality time together is needed when y’all spend so much time away from home.

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Cotton Twill Hats


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Tiny Humans Read

为你的孩子读书是至关重要的。I started reading to my daughters from almost the time they left the womb. This is an adorable book club meant just for your tiny humans. You can choose what kind of subscription you want for your child. You can choose between board books and pictures books. If you’re going to get real fancy, you can choose both! They deliver them around the 18th of the month. You and your little one can enjoy new books each month to read together! Let the excitement of reading come alive!

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Endura Flap

回到学校周围的活动hard on your dog. They are inside longer and no one home to let them out. That is what makes Endura Flap so amazing! Your dog can let themselves out to go potty and play in the yard. Then they can go back inside and take a nap on the couch they know you don’t let them lay on. Pets are often overlooked during back to school because in a rush to get to school and work, they are left there alone after months of attention while their little humans were home. Keep them in mind and ensure you have fewer messes to clean up after being out all day.


Ryan’s World Far Out Toys

My daughters love watching youtube in their downtime. They enjoy Ryan’s World a lot. So after working hard, it is time to play harder! The evenings and weekends are a great time to unwind together. Why not try Head splat and Splash out from Far Out Toys? Get your kids and have some wacky fun together. With school and work taking up so much of your family’s time, make sure you take the time to engage with your kids doing fun things!



I take the safety of my children pretty seriously. With dokiPal, that is one thing that helps me rest easy. I can call my younger children and can even monitor where they are from the ease of my phone right from the watch. With it, you can even see their activity levels! Make sure your children are moving enough on a day to day basis. Though I think the fact that your child can ask their dokiPal all sorts of questions would be a highlight for them. They can ask just about anything and get a response to it. As it is intended for children, you can rest easy knowing it will not answer any dirty questions. The bands come in blue and pink and are even water-resistant. It should keep a charge for about 48 hours so you won’t be always charging it. You can even add alarms to it to keep your children on task. I find this to be incredibly useful!

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It is always important to be mindful of the products we use. More importantly what our children use. I know my daughters are huge lip gloss fanatics. There are so many kinds that are just full of chemicals and I don’t like it is on my daughter’s mouth where she can ingest some of it unintentionally. These three lip glosses are made with natural and organic products. It is designed for young delicate skin. It is vegan and cruelty-free which my girls and I are all about cruelty-free products. The Trio is a great addition for a girls beauty routine!

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This dress with lobster print is so cute! It has two materials jersey and voile. Then it has cute lobsters all over it and a mermaid lobster on the front. A fun unique print that is fun. My daughter loves unique outfits that are not like everyone else’s. Cute animals of all kinds are something she really enjoys. This dress is comfortable, cute, and great for almost every occasion. Fashion is important when going back to school and you want to make a splash, why not with lobsters? Speaking of splashes, you can’t go wrong withpool floats!While it is still warm make your downtime after school and on the weekends extra enjoyable. Your little one can enjoy it to float and relax after a hard week!

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该best way to learn is with a hands-on activity. Learning at play is so important for kids and with this kit, they can learn about electricity. They have circuits and everything needed to learn about the function of electricity. Get Sparky the robot to light up and have fun and not even realize you are learning.


STEM at play BUBBLES! Soap Making Lab Kit

STEM learning brings learning in with hands-on concepts of science. Doing these projects make kids feel empowered and learning with confidence. There are 8 different experiments to do with this kid. Learning how to make soap and include scents and colors. So much fun for your kids to learn and enjoy learning. Get to use their experiments and show pride in their work! Great way to learn and have fun at the same time.



With life being hectic with school, work, and after school activities, we don’t have a lot of time to focus on ridding our home of pests. I like so many other parents want pests to stay away, but we don’t necessarily want to kill them. I love natural deterrents for pests. I don’t want them dead but I don’t want them in my home. With EarthKind you can get rid ofMiceMothsSpidersAnts!它是这样一个伟大的产品用于防治病虫害。适合你的家庭和良好的小东西你想留你家的了!


Zip Pouch – Tiger Liquid Glitter



Power Smokeless Grill

After a long day running the kids around and working, cooking is one of the last things we think about. Typically going for fast food so we don’t have to cook a complete meal. Though with the Power Smokeless Grill you can grill everything from the ease of your kitchen quickly and easily. No smoke in your kitchen, and deliciously grilled foods for your family. A much healthier and tastier option than hitting the drive-thru.


Air Warriors

在学校工作量有时可以征税,而我们真正想要我们的孩子是孩子。因此,我们应该帮助他们努力打球,他们努力工作后。该AgitatorandMutatorare amazing choices! They work differently and makes them each unique. The Mutator comes with darts to shoot out and hit your target. The Agitator has clips you can put 10 darts in and clip and shoot. So much fun and a great way for kids to get active while playing. For me, I join in on the fun. Hours of entertainment for the entire family and great memories of their mom rolling around the yard and getting stuck in bushes trying to sneak up on them.


MadeGood Chocolate Chip Granola Bar

When it comes to snacks my kids eat, I am particularly picky. I love as natural as I can get for them to put in their bodies. My youngest can not have gluten, so her list of snacks can be limited. With MadeGood Chocolate Chip Granola Bars they are made with gluten-free oats and delicious chocolate chips. It is a great after school snack to keep them going as they do their homework. Give them the delicious healthy snacks they deserve.



该Call of the Wild and Free: Reclaiming Wonder in Your Child’s Educationis a great read for parents considering homeschooling. My oldest is homeschooled it works best for her. She enjoys the freedom and she can learn in almost any way that engages her mind. This is a great guide to make education a freeing experience.Be King: You Can Make the World a Happier Place!是一个壮观的书的人超过5做的人是一种不同的方式。既然我们花了很多时间在屏幕上的时间参与我们需要学会在现实生活中的参与和做那种事情对彼此的基本面。有时候,事情似乎像是常识都没有,重要的是我们教我们的孩子如何成为种类。

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该first smart backpack for kids! This is a great backpack that helps with posture while wearing it. I know backpacks with all the things our kids have to carry around can be taxing on the back. Pix Mini helps to keep your kid upright. The pouch holds many things while maintaining its shape. Now the best part of this backpack is the fact it is customizable. Not just when you buy it, but you can change the design on it in a whim. Your kid can use an app to put different designs on their backpack. I think it is so much fun! If you are worried about it getting wet, don’t be it is water-resistant! Your kids can have the freedom to customize and load up their bag with the things they need and stay comfortable while carrying it around!

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I love when my kids go outside and play. Hearing them yell and laugh with their friends really warms this mom’s heart. Though I don’t know about you, my kids are technologically advanced. So if it does not have a screen or light up, they are not as inclined as I was playing a game outside. Luckily with Starlux Games your kids can playCapture the Flag Redux外!与我们的孩子,这些天路上跑来跑去,完全变成了新宠老最喜欢的游戏。什么我爱上了ISWizards and Werewolves!这样一个有趣独特的游戏有外急需的活动和新的风格的游戏参与你的孩子!让我们以新的方式玩魔术发生!

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该Learning Journey International

我是一个巨大的广告vocate of learning from play. STEM learning is so important to our kids. They are learning without realizing they are because they are having so much fun! or kids ages 3+ try the智能学习站for fun play! There are 5 fun games that will surely educate while entertaining your little one!Techno Gears Crazy Trainis great for kids 6+. It encourages engineering and architectural learning for kids. Let their minds be engaged as they learn!

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Rose Defender Ring


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Skin Nation

我喜欢自然的产品!他们让我看起来更好,感觉更好。我们所需要的东西的工作,我们可以在出发门前每天都在使用。皮肤国家允许我们这样的奢侈!从一些国家的皮肤可用的选项则100% Organic Coconut Oil爱润肤露,andRejuvenating Eye Cream。Keep your skin moisturized with the best possible products. Can not go wrong with some anti-aging cream either!

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Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit

As parents we want our kids to always be ahead and learning. With Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit you can help your preschooler be ahead of the game and watch them enjoy learning for the first time. It teaches them so many vital things that will help them be prepared for preschool. Watch them light up as they learn and know that you have taken the steps necessary to help your child’s education!

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It is so important for our families to be hydrated. With Zero water you can get a23 Cup Water Filter Jugor an8杯净水器投手。Two sizes for whatever your needs are. This filters your water and creates less waste. It encourages your family to drink more water that will keep your family healthier and feeling great. I don’t have a lot of sugary drinks available to my children, so they drink a lot of water. So filtered water is my go-to option as I dislike plastic waste. Keep your family healthier with ZeroWater.



Reading is so important for our kids. Let their imaginations soar and enjoy such amazing characters such as Harry Moon and Honey Moon. Something for each of your little ones to enjoy and learn so much! Reading is a privilege don’t want my children not fully enjoying. With the Harry Moon Home Library Bundle, you can enjoy so many great books including Harry and Honey! Encourage them to read and even read nightly with them, they will have amazing memories with you.



该re are so many things that our kids need help with. Telling time and doing chores is a big one in my house. They know when they have to do their chores and what chores to do all thanks to OWLCONIC. TheirTime Game会教你的孩子,告诉时间在游戏格式。对于年轻的人群,与游戏中学习,你甚至可以把一个报时教学钟可以在自己的房间或在他们经常光顾的房间。它看起来一样的游戏,这延续了乐趣,并确保他们干家务活上的时间!现在到了我最喜欢的部分该Chore Chart!这是磁贴在冰箱上,你也能够照顾到任何年龄组。如果你有一个4岁或13岁,这个图表将提醒他们的家务,让我们作为家长检查什么,他们已经检查过,并相应给予奖励!这有助于保持学校的家务后检查,没有人抛出了一个循环,当涉及到的期望是什么。

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With the high demands of back to school time and getting back in the swing of things, we can use all the help we can get. With this Retractable Indoor/Outdoor Gate we can make sure the little ones are safe and where they need to be. Also helps to make sure that dogs do not go where they are not supposed to. My dogs when I leave the house will get on the couch, the ONE place they are not supposed to be. I know this because I set up a security camera after I found hair all over my couch. If your pets are as tenacious as mine, you may want to invest in this for that alone, even if your kids are grown enough to not need a gate.

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My children use headphones daily. They like listening to music and watching shows from their tablets. When Mom yells “Turn it down!” They put on their headphones. I like to choose the best headphones for my kids. I don’t want the volume so high it can harm their hearing. I also dislike wires for my littles. It has to be durable because kids can be rough! Luckily with the BT2200 Kids Bluetooth Headphones I get all of those things. The headphones come in a wide range of colors that will suit any of your children and so they can tell them apart. So after school when they want to unwind after homework, make sure they have something suited for them and also what you want for them.

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Feltman Brothers Clothing

With school approaching, it is important for us to get them ready. That includes shopping for clothing. Fashion can be important, even to the younger crowd, so find a company you trust. We want their clothes to be functional and also durable. Our little ones can be very hard on their clothing. Feltman Brothers have such a wide range of options for anyone. I love the海军Smocked颤振袖连衣裙,it is so adorable! Then there is also theEmbroidered Flower Knit Cardiganwhich is great for cooler weather which is coming soon! All of the clothing is so cute and who does not love dressing up their little ones?

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Amazing Construction 50-Piece Set

After school, chores, and homework it is important to give our children things that engage their minds. The Amazing Construction 50-Piece Set is great for learning and imaginative play. The pieces connect magnetically while playing and will make it so they build easily. When they are all done it all stacks together magnetically and you don’t have to feel like you are missing all sorts of pieces. They can build and play and that is the best part!

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PBS KIDS Playtime Pad+

这是一个平板电脑适合孩子。用PBS can trust that they have educational games that is perfect for your kids. You use the google store to download apps and games for your kid. They can also watch all their favorite PBS shows on this tablet. It connects to your wifi and they can go around doing whatever they need to. My daughter loves to take it in the car and I use hotspot it to my phone. She can watch videos and play games as we travel from place to place running errands and her sister around to events. Her favorite part is the camera as she runs around the house taking photos of her new kitty. So many options and with the safety in mind of knowing this is meant for your little ones.

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PortaPlay Wonderland Adventures + Child Stools Combo

When I am busy cooking dinner or doing a little work and my little one wants to explore, I find nothing better than an Activity Center. Though once they are too big for it anymore, then you have an Activity center that no longer serves a purpose. What if I told you, you can get an activity center that can be converted into a toddler table? Pretty exciting isn’t it? It even comes with stools so they are all a perfect set. SO when your little one outgrows the center you can have a little place for them to still sit and enjoy. They can have a snack, color, and learn to write and read all at that little table. It brings years of enjoyment instead of maybe only a year.

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Three Sisters Snacks/Cereal

有些孩子有食物过敏。煤矿不能有筋,它有时是很难找到的小吃,她喜欢,我可以随便扔在车上,因为我们跑来跑去。随着三姐妹,我能做到这一点。其芭芭拉的奶酪泡芙原稿are delicious and keep my kid pretty happy. She does not feel she is missing out on anything with snacks like this. For breakfast, it can sometimes be tricky to find the cereals best for her and with妈妈的最佳谷物Safari浏览器可可紧缩she is enjoying one of the staples from my childhood! She enjoys eating things like that and has no idea that she is missing a thing. She is happy and enjoys her snacks and that is what’s important!

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