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2019 Easter Gift Guide

Healthy Meals Supreme

Are you ready to get serious about eating healthy? The experts at Healthy Meals Supreme can help. They make choosing healthy meals easy and educational. You can choose meals based on whether you have a chronic condition, want to lose weight or maintain a certain fitness level. Their chefs prepare meals based on the Keto, Mediterranean and Dash diet styles to help you lose weight and stay healthy! There are no subscriptions required and best of all, your meals will always arrive FRESH and never frozen, which means all you have to do is heat and eat! Say yes to a healthier you today!

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今天的父母向”和“简约主义”smaller spaces, it’s more important than ever to maximize the space you do have. Everybody’s situation is different. Some of us have tiny yards or no yards at all, with no room for full-sized play equipment. Not to mention how expensive some of that equipment its! Some of us have small houses with small rooms that just don’t accommodate large toys for extended periods of time. Good news! Ori Mishkal and Niv Borenstein have created the perfect solution. POPIN toys! This line of quality toys includes a slide, a kitchen set, a mushroom house, a car, and a pirate ship.



I love being crafty and creative and so does my daughter. She just adores these new CoolMaker Handcrafted kits. She loves having cool, unique, handcrafted things. There are so many to choose from. Make your own:

  • 淋浴熔体
  • Stitch n’ Style Diary
  • Fashion Patches
  • Glitter Nails
  • Gem Soaps
  • Jazzy Clay Jewelry

These kits are so much fun and so easy, they just might be more excited about these than the candy this year! Grab some for your Easter baskets, for birthday parties or just for fun.

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Bakugan Battle Planet

Are you looking for some fun Easter basket ideas for boys or girls who may not like the traditional Easter gifts? Check out this awesome new Bakugan transforming figures. They start out as a little ball but magically transform into battle-ready creatures! Add them to your child’s collection for a fun-filled Easter.

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How to Train Your Dragon Eggs


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Hatchimals Colleggtibles

This Easter, celebrate with these fun new collEGGtible Hatchimals. There are so many to collect! Grab a dozen or a basket full. Let them hatch to meet your new friends, then introduce them to the Coral Castle, the Crystal Canyon, and the Tropical Party playsets. These adorable eggs are perfect for Easter baskets or even for an egg hunt!

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曲折的Petzis the newest, cutest accessories for girls. They start as shiny, adorable pets and with a quick twist, they become fashionable wearable bracelets! Check out all the collections – Enchanted Gems, Rose Gold, Metallic, Sugar Glitter, Fancy Fuzzy, Swirl, Silver Shimmer, Crystal Crackle, and Neon. With over 60 Twisty Petz to collect your child will love collecting and trading with their friends. Add some to your Easter baskets today.

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S.W.A.K. Kissable Key Chains

Looking for a fun addition to your teen’s or tween’s Easter basket? Look no further than the S.W.A.K. Kissable Key Chains from Wowwee. Available in 12 styles, each key chain comes with its own unique “muah” sound, a postcard and a sticker. The sensors inside can detect your skin and the longer you hold it, the longer the kiss will last! They’re collectible, portable and double as a photo holder! Your teens will love accessorizing their backpacks with these adorable key chains.

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A few years ago, Fingerlings were the most popular toy out there. Well, they haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, they’ve only gotten better! And, they aren’t just monkeys anymore. Your child can make new friends in foxes, elephants, unicorns, giraffes, and narwhals. Get glamorous with Glitz, Sparkle, Glam and Glitter who come with their own bling! Grab some for your Easter baskets today.

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Best Furry Friends

Have you always wanted 50 best friends? Well, now you can have them! Best Furry Friends are your new “Bestie in a bag”! Each unique animal comes with a tiny bag to carry it in it and the packaging doubles as a tiny little BFF house. And don’t forget to check out the new animated series with YOUR besties! With over 60 characters to collect, your child will have tons of fun meeting all their new friends!

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Beaker Creatures

Do you have a kid who loves science? This Easter, Beaker Creatures make a wonderful addition to your Easter Baskets. Each pod triggers a colorful, bubbly reaction in water and contains one of 35 Beaker Creatures. Each creature comes with a mini poster ad a classification card that helps teach your child real science concepts. They’ll have tons of fun learning about their new friends. They could even discover one of 5 rare 24-carat Creatures! Great for bath time fun or for use with the Liquid Reactor Super Lab.

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还有什么能比正常尺寸的东西更好?微小的事情!从UNO和魔术8个球护理熊和宝丽来相机,世界上最小的玩具都有了。曾经想要一个小小的水枪一起拍你的朋友吗?他们有那些。绘制一个微小的蚀刻一个素描一个微小的画面或一个微小的溜溜球做的小把戏。这是真的,他们说什么 - 大的事情来了小包装呢!


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Micro Wheels



Baby Secrets

寻找快乐,为你的孩子们的新玩具复活节英航skets? Let them in on the Baby’s Secrets! Simply dip their diaper in the water-filled bathtub and it will change color to pink or blue to reveal their gender. Once the secret is out you can name your baby on the birth certificate. Also available in Merbabies!

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POPIN Playground


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As parents, it’s extremely important that our kids are safe at all times. This unique fleece poncho was designed and created with one thing in mind: SAFETY. SAFE, crash tested in a crash testing facility, surpassing safety NHTSA standards, CPSC/CPSIA Safety Compliant after rigorous testing, CPST car seat technician recommended. In today’s busy world, make sure your kiddos are completely safe while in the vehicle.


Cry Babies


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胜出的动向Board Games

Your favorite games are back! Introducing brand new editions of Pretty Pretty Princess, 13 Dead End Drive and Payday. These games are back and better than ever, ready for a new generation to enjoy! Be the last surviving heir to inherit Great Aunt Agatha’s fortune in13 Dead End Drive. Collect beautiful sparkles and avoid the black ring inPretty Pretty Princess. Learn some money making and spending skills in发薪日. Check out these and other great games over at Winning Moves, just in time to add them to your Easter baskets!


Antsy Pants Build & Play Kit – Police Station

Imagination and creativity is so important in early childhood. The best way to encourage this is through to pretend play. With the police station play tent from antsy pants, your child can pretend to be a hero policeman, taking out bad guys rescuing people and saving the day! It’s easy to assemble and it’s steel frame gives it the stability it needs to survive little hands and feet.

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Organimals are beautifully hand knitted by mothers in Istanbul, Turkey. They are certified GOTS Organic cotton yarn. Or available in wool fill upon request. As a mother myself, I’d much rather have a gift crafted by another mom and help her out than from a big diamond. Think about your giving this year.



我爱组织!与他们的存储解决方案的大量选择31使得它很容易。我喜欢这些小储物箱,因为它们可以用于几乎什么!Get one monogrammed for your pet and store their toys in it. Use them to organize your kid’s toys, the pantry, the bathroom cabinets, your car, ANYTHING! I love using them in our coat closet to organize winter hats, scarves and gloves. No more searching for missing pieces! You could even use them as personalized Easter baskets!

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Cuddle + Kind Hand-Knit Dolls


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Seems like unicorns are everywhere these days and for good reason. They’re adorable and they’re magical! And now they’re fun and warm! Your child will love these hooded unicorn hoodies from Rows of Throws. And you’ll love that they’re made from high-quality knits and easy to wash. These unicorns are perfect for nap time, play time or any time! Add one to your child’s Easter basket.

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Playfoam Pals

Add some extra fun to your child’s Easter basket this year with Playfoam Pals. Each pod comes with a collectible animal friend as well as fun, colored playfoam. Build a new house for your animal friend or a scary dinosaur to chase them. They can build and sculpt to their heart’s desire. The only limit is their imagination!

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Kids love games and kids love Easter so they’re bound to love Bunny Hop! This fun, educational preschool game challenges a child’s memory and color recognition. They’ll want to spend hours playing and hopping their bunnies! Get yours today in time for Easter.

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Powerup 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane

Go beyond basics this year when filling up those Easter baskets. Give your kids the gift of imagination with the Powerup 2.0 electric paper airplane. They can create a paper airplane in nearly any design, charge the motor for 20 seconds and GO! The planes stay airborne for about 30 seconds instead of simply falling flat to the ground like most normal paper airplanes. Best of all, it’s super durable so it’ll last long enough to give your child hours of creative play time!

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My Buddy Towel


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Gift Baskets Overseas


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ONE13 CBD外用洗剂

CBD products have flooded the market lately, so why trust ONE13? ONE13’s topical lotion is made from 100% organic hemp oil with Cannabidiol. They use only the best, purest ingredients and there are no added ingredients, no fillers. If you want fast, convenient and reliable pain relief, ONE13 is the answer. Simply rub it on and go. It’s easily portable for your busy, on-the-go lifestyle so you never need to wait for relief. Order yours today!

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Cub Coats


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Looking for a new way to enjoy your entertainment? Let the Jetstream 4K Ultra HD Android TV box do all the work for you. If you don’t have a smart TV, this little box will transform your TV into one. You can access over 4500 channels of streaming services. The remote is voice search enabled to allow for easier searching. You’ll get crisp, crystal clear, 4K quality and comes with 8GB of storage. It even works with Google Assistant to answer all your questions at the press of a button. Upgrade your TV today!


Parakito Mosquito Repellent Bracelet





教我也为幼儿提供了工具,preschoolers and kindergarteners as well as flashcards and yoga mats designed especially for kids. Teach My kits make great gifts for any occasion!

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Big Easy Blends Juice Pouches

果汁袋游戏刚刚好!介绍ICEE雪泥袋和雪锥上去吧!非常适合在湖边,每天的家庭野餐或足球比赛结束后,这些清爽的果汁袋肯定是与孩子们的一击!The ICEE slush pouches are available in four fun flavors – fruit punch, orange, cherry frost, and blue raspberry, while the Snow Cones on the Go comes in six crazy flavors – bubble gum, birthday cake, cherry, tiger’s blood, ice cream, and strawberry. Made with real cane sugar and dairy free, the

Available on Amazon –ICEE slushand刨冰随身