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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Mother Erth Artisan’s Choice Handbag

These innovative top handles are handmade from 100% upcycled materials and designed with 100% heart. From your very first impressions of theMother Erth Artisan’s Choice Multicolor Handbag,you will notice just how original and eye-catching they are. If you are looking for a gift for someone who cares about the environment and can pull off an original style then look no further.

Each bag’s colors and pattern are one-of-a-kinds with a distribution of 4 – 8 colors in its weave. The colors are based on the materials thatMother Erthcollects from manufacturers that discard them due to printing defects and can’t be recycled any other way. These materials are a combination of aluminum and plastic which means they take hundreds of years to break down in nature.


You canclick here to purchase via Amazonor check outMother Erth’s website查看或购买他们的其他产品。

Jelt Belts

These belts are unique with with a specially designed no-show, flat buckle
and a grippy inner gel that grips to pants with or without belt loops.
Jelt belts are so comfortable, you will forget you are wearing a belt.
Designed to be worn hiking, biking, skiing and with everyday jeans. Feel
veterans, kids and the environment. VisitJelts for amazing belts


做你的家庭成员可以在不同的时间不同的需求?一个可能是热的,其他的感冒,一种是闷 - 你知道该怎么做。该Quilo 3合1风扇是解决氛围的营造,使全家幸福。配有风扇,蒸发冷却器和加湿器这个工具可以帮助调节你周围的空气,是非常适合在一个人谁即使在冬天热运行了一下房间中心。这是一种低能量使用的设备,环保,运行安静地在晚上,所以光枕木仍然可以得到他们的ZZZ的。在这里让您的Quilo 3合1风扇。


豪华混合丰富的爱尔兰乳制品奶油,真实的chocolate, and aged Irish whiskey. From your very first sip of Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur, you will notice just how creamy it is. After this luxurious creaminess subsides, it is followed by a depth of indulgent flavors: aged Irish Whiskey and real0 chocolate. These flavors and intense creaminess subtly combine to deliver an intense and indulgent finish. Embrace its simplicity and serve on the rocks as an after dinner treat, or in a sizzling hot coffee to warm you up on a cold winters night. Winner of the World’s Best Liqueur award 2016 –Kerrygold不会让你失望。

Stella Rosa Black Lux

Stella Rosa Black Lux is fully sparkling with the same luscious flavors found in Stella Rosa Black- blueberry, raspberry and blueberry, enveloped in dark natural red grapes. The quality of the wine inside the bottle extends to the exterior with its alluring black and gold packaging creating a beautiful presentation, perfect for hosting and gifting this holiday season. The unique combination of semi-sweet wine and effervescence has madeStella Rosaa one-of-a-kind, leading brand in the wine industry. Availablehere


Your son or daughter will beg to have sleep-overs so they can show off their Playtime Reversible Slumber Bags to there friends. With over 25 interactive games Playtime Slumber Bags are perfect as a slumber bag, play mat or cozy cover! And best of all you can play all the playtime games with just coins or cut-out paper!

  • 25 interactive games, fun facts, and positive affirmations
  • Features a zip-around closure
  • Machine wash in cold water.
  • Slumber Bag measures 52″ L x 30″ W (open); 26″ L x 30″ (closed)
  • Weighs 1.4 lb.

Click here to learn more


Homevermakeup mirror built in 21pc LED lights, With 1x, 2x and 3x magnifying mirrors, 180-degree rotation, a collapsible frame, and USB or battery operated power supply. The design of Tri-fold enables you to view yourself at different angles and protect the mirror from getting dirty and being scratched.
10% Coupon Code: XBBPR2YC ends on 31/10/2018


Vodool HUTbIT

该Vodool HUTbIT智能量表不仅测量重量,但显示器13的综合指标包括BMI,TWB,BIA,身体脂肪比例,皮下脂肪,内脏脂肪,估计的水,骨骼肌肉,肌肉量,骨量,蛋白质,基础代谢率和代谢年龄它可以帮助您最大限度地提高一个更聪明的办法您的健康目标。只要下载从App Store中的应用程序feelfit或Google Play,建立并得到所有收集你的健康数据,并用一个简单的触摸你的LCD screen.it能自动识别和数据存储无限的用户自动分析。因此,添加您的家庭成员的个人资料或朋友,得到一目了然的应用程序中显示的数据。如果您正在寻找聪明的规模,HUTbIT是您正确的方式。20%优惠券代码:B4ZNKTDS上31/10/2018端



升级后的消毒系统 - 杀死细菌和病菌分钟,保持您的健康在旅途中


TAP Wearable Keyboard

Take gaming and work to a whole other level with the TAP Wearable Keyboard. It connects and works seamlessly with most Bluetooth enabled devices which makes it really easy to use. (PC compatibility requires Windows 8.1 and above and Bluetooth 4.0 or above.) Fits onto your fingers with ease and can help you control any device without any bulky wires, etc. The thumb section of the TAP Wearable Keyboard has an ultra-compact laser optic mouse that can be used with any type of computer or laptop that has mouse capability.

The TAP wearable keyboard is available for purchase directly through the company by clicking through to theirwebsite.

给华丽皮肤的礼物 -Amazon Facial Mist

The cause-conscious beauty line,Amazource Skincare与来自亚马逊雨林的采购优质组件制造,提供对皮肤有较高的滋补作用。这祖传知识提供给大家 - 加上产品是残酷和尼泊金,并以低廉的价格点。

Amazource partners with indigenous land-owning communities, with a portion of each sale helping finance and enable Amazonians to protect their territories from deforestation by illegal logging, oil extraction, and mining.Amazon Mist® is sourced from the tiny water droplets suspended in the air and mist in the most remote area of the planet.Amazon Mist® is naturally formed together with the pristine oxygen and the organic potassium released by the richest flora on earth. If it has maintained life in Amazonia for millions of years, imagine what it can do for your skin!

  • Refreshes cleanse and moisturize your skin and body
  • Relieves and preserves
  • For any skin type. Preservative-free
  • No chemicals, alcohol-free, odorless, non-sticky and no propylene glycol

You can order atAmazource

A Holiday Gift She Will Love by a Top German Skincare Company-博士MED值。Schrammek Kosmetik

我们爱安瓿 -Set of 7 Ampoules

博士MED值。Schrammek Kosmetik is a well -known and highly respected skincare company from Germany. All their products are medically-inspired and individually targeted to meet the needs of different skin types. Dr. Schrammek products are combined with innovative and proven ingredients and achieve excellent results. This amazing skincare is now available to women in the USA. A perfect gift for the woman in your life would be popular – We Love Ampoules -Set of 7 Ampoules.

The ampoules are in a convenient 7-ampoule box and are for different skin types. The following ampoules are included in this box: Energy Power Ampoule, Moisture Intense Ampoule, Perfect Future Ampoule, Sensi Calm Ampoule, Herbal Active Ampoule Vital, Herbal Active Ampoule Pure. Apply underneath your daily care skin creams.

Tip:博士所有安瓿MED值。恭Schrammek KOSMETIK是可重复密封的,如此完美的多个应用程序。要了解更多关于安瓿的和他们的其他护肤产品登陆:博士MED值。恭Schrammek KOSMETIK

Owl Cam

一个一体化的汽车安全摄像头,猫头鹰凸轮you to check in on your car from your smartphone no matter where you are in the world. As the number one is the smart security solution that puts car safety in your hands, literally, you can rest assured that your holiday is merry and bright. Owl recently添加紧急response– where if you are in a crash the team will contact you and the local authorities. So for all those going on road trips over the holidays, it is an extra safety feature.

它的a videowhen you need it, so whether you have:

  • 崩溃: You’ve got the video on your phone – right away – so you can tell your side of the story.

  • Dents: Video Alerts for bumps, impacts – so you know what ding happens when.

  • 停止: Just say the words and Owl keeps recording – tends to keep everyone on their best behavior.

  • 破门而入:闪烁的绿色信号灯说保持距离,因为在被警察抓到猫头鹰手段捕获。

  • 我的天啊: The internet loves crazy, weird and unexpected moments. Share yours instantly.

Additional features include:

  • Dual-facing HD cameras

  • Instant video access from anywhere

  • 4G LTE,无线网络,蓝牙和GPS

  • 14-day video loop

  • 语音捕获和命名

  • Anti-theft floodlights

  • Companion app on iPhone and Android

  • 您的视频是100%的私募。只有你可以看到,共享或删除您的视频。

可在Owl Car Cam